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Why do we need donations?

My name is Tatiana Koshlan, I represent the Binomial Protein Lab group. Our team made this page  to clarify why our research team needs financial support. The situation in the world is such that it is very difficult to practically obtain funding for Fundamental research that has not passed preliminary expensive clinical or experimental confirmation, which also requires money.


You can order our team to perform alanine scanning, mutagenesis, searching for active protein centers, key amino acid residues, selection of variable chains of  immunoglobulins at affordable prices and selection of inhibitors of trimer formation by viral protens.

Ongoing research

You can familiarize yourself with current and future researchs,  get acquainted with t necessary amount of minimum funding to implement the project


Our team makes the site on its own, so it will take time for finalization. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We organized a  donations on well-known platforms and created our website so that as many people as possible would know about the direction of our work, because there is really not enough enthusiasm to carry out professional research projects, as well as find solutions for practical implementation. 


Aalen University

Aalen University — not just at the top of the alphabetAalen University — not just at the top of the alphabet. Today, it’s 54 percent. This increase is significant and one of today’s challenges.Today, it’s 54 percent. This increase is significant and one of today’s challenges


Umeå universitet

Research at Umeå University spans the fields of humanities, medicine, natural sciences, social sciences and the science of education.


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