Where does the money go?


Where does the money go?

We always welcome new contributors! Binomial Protein Lab is ambitious project. There is more work than our small core team can handle.Our community is very open, welcoming and supportive.

Development. Almost all the money goes to this category. Development of a group of molecules for a specific protein requires full labor return of the team within 6-8 hours every day for six months. Connection to updated databases, to the servers of the world’s leading laboratories, paid journals of research literature.

Involvement of experts. Our project is huge and ambitious, so we can not do without the involvement of specialists, such as programmers, biochemists, technologists. For each section of the work performed, we need to pay. Sometimes you have to redirect your efforts to those projects that allow you to attract specialists and redistribute time and financial resources.

Hardware Our project needs to update the fleet of computers, attract powerful servers and additional resources. Purchases of licensed software required to complete the job.

Software. The development of databases, software, and software tests requires the implementation of a large number of test cases, the development of new original algorithms, new biophysical approaches, using the methods of quantum mechanics.

Support. We spend a lot of effort on supporting users: releasing news announcements, interviews, forum and chatroom support, documentation, and doing release builds on all platforms. We decide on development priorities together with our user community. requires the involvement of technical staff, time to complete an update, work results, open source software applications, and organizing online databases.

Promotion. Attracting a specialist in SEO optimization, working with social networks, crowdfunding platforms, creating a business plan

Publication activity. Publication in peer-reviewed journals, attracting translators, writing monographs (for example, in Springer Nature)

Conferences, communication, trips
Traveling to conferences, sharing experiences with colleagues, visiting advanced laboratories, visiting symposia, speaking at congresses as a speaker, participating in startups

The second stage

The second stage involves a series of verification experiments. Its requires the purchase of biomaterials, equipment, the involvement of specialists, laboratory assistants, payment of wages, travel expenses for travel and accommodation.


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